Before you go and get the wrong idea, this is NOT about why religion is bad, or why it is wrong. Of course religion is bad, and of course religion is wrong. But this is so blindingly obvious that it no longer needs to be said.
Instead, this is a direct attack on you, the religious person. The argument? That your failure to reject religion indicates that you are colossally irredeemably stupid.

Religion is fundamentally flawed in a staggering variety of ways, to the point that a curious child can bring down the entire framework of baloney with an innocent question.
Such questions include

*Why is there evil?

*Who made god?

*Why should I trust you after that santa claus thing?

But you didn’t ask those questions, did you? Or if you did, you accepted the pathetic rationalizations that where offered without further contemplation.
perhaps you where even afraid to ask, or even to think about it.
Your comforting little worldview matter more to you then the truth.

But can this critical failure really be blamed on fear of the consequences of religion being wrong? Is a godless world that terrible to contemplate?
The idea that santa claus isn’t real is also unpleasant, and this proves a deterrent to disbelief. But not a significant one.

God doesn’t even bring people presents. In fact, in most religions he is actually a real jerk. Plagues and laws and smiting and eternal torture. Is this really a so attractive an idea that people can’t let it go?

Perhaps disinterest is the only real problem. After all, if a man can’t read greek, that doesn’t make him stupid. It simply means he doesn’t care to learn greek.
But can really a disinterest in the fundamental nature of reality really be justified in such a way? maybe so. After all, it makes little difference in day to day living if god is really up there or not.

And yet, should not the fact that god’s existence has no major consequence itself raise a red flag?

The idea that a being with immense powers exist, but never tampers with the world in a noticeable way is an absurdly childish hypothetical scenario. it’s “I’m not touching you” on a cosmic scale.

Granted, we used to see a lot more evidence of god’s tampering then we do today. Lightning, disease, floods, butterflies and the sun.
But even then, a bunch of inexplicable things hardly adds up to a magical being who you can’t see.
And of course all this “evidence” wilted and died with sufficient rational inquiry. The sun and stars turned out to be big nuclear furnaces, diseases and butterflies are now well understood, and lightning is just an electrical discharge.

Indeed, from a leopards spots to pregnancy to the shape of the earth, religions has been proved wrong, wrong, wrong.
It would take an IDIOT not to see a pattern in this. And that’s exactly what you are.

The icing on this pathetic cake is that you realize that all OTHER religions are wrong, you just have a blind spot towards your own.
Perhaps you have a vague awareness that religion is retarded, but you never really give it up because your thoughts are to disorganized to deal with it.
If this is the case, and your mind is a dusty closet full of odds and ends, motivational phrases and vacation photos, I have nothing but contempt for you.

I refuse to respect religious beliefs, and I refuse to respect the people who hold them. Your willful ignorance is inexcusable and it disgust me.

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