Dear Kid,
in alittle over a month we will be bringing you home.
lately i have been busying myself to prepare for the momentous occasion.
some of the things i have been doing include:
sleeping: im told i wont be able to do this once you get here… so i have been taking advantage of this luxury while i can, leaving your mother to do all the house work.
im sure she isnt too happy about this situation… but its ok. she can complain all she wants… i cant hear her while im asleep.
working on cars: i have fixed the comet up nicely… the only thing that is left is paint… and some dash work.

we finally got your crib, changing table, bassinet, dresser, and some other random things set up…
its a little scary having all of these things set up… it makes all this seem even more real.

everyone is adjusting rather well… your mom is having allot of trouble doing normal everyday things… like getting out of bed.
apparently you are one huge baby.
i think she said she is 43 inches around now…
so in 7 months she want from a size 4 to whatever the hell 43 inches is.

we are both getting excited… talking about the kind of person you will be, discussing how we will raise you…
what type of religious exposure you will have… what kind of schools… all sorts of things i had never even thought of…
you mother is making all sorts of plans… and taking all sorts of precautions… hell the only decision i thought i needed to make was: what will your first car be?
i settled on a 1959 impala.