Dear Kid,
Congratulations, you are now four days old.
let me tell you how you came into this world.

on Dec 5th at about 9pm your mother started having contractions… they were around 5 minutes apart… and didnt hurt very badly, so she decided to sleep them off and see how things were the next morning. you werent due until Dec. 26th so we werent worried to much… we figured she was having braxton hicks contractions, and that everything would have stopped by the morning…
they didnt.
so on the morning of the 6th we headed to the hospital.
after the doctors checked your mother out they decided that it would be better for her to labor at home for awhile… so they sent us away with some pain meds and told us to come back if things got worst.
well… things eventually got worst.

about 9pm we headed back to the hospital.
your mothers contractions were happening so fast, it seemed that a new one would start before the last was over.
the doctors gave your mother an epidural and told her to get alittle rest… they said that you wouldnt be coming until early the next morning… they said that they would be back around 2 to check her cervix and see how much longer it would be.
the nurse came back at 12:30, check your mother, found out she was at 9cm and her water had broke.
you were coming sooner than we thought.
i ran outside to make all of the phone calls… my mother and father, melissas mother, i sent text messages to all of my friends, then i ran back up to the room.
by the time i got back there were people everywhere… everyone was set up and your mother was already pushing.
ten minutes later you were born.
curious what happened when you were born?
well here you go.

after that the nurses took you to clean you up. i went outside and had a cigarette and sent a text to all my friends.
the text said:
“ITS ALIVE!!! jason dean ward 5lb 10oz”

it was about 1:30am when i got back into the room… and since your mother and i had been up for two days straight we both promptly went to sleep.

i spent the next day taking pictures and running errands. between the doctors and running around i didnt really get to spend much time with you.

thats when the call came in.

let me give you alittle background on this call.

on thansgiving your mother and i took bailey to her family dinner. your great grandmother had agreed to take bailey for two weeks…. this would have given us enough time to get the house ready for you… and to take a much needed vacation until you got here. you see… your mother had been having some problems… she was in a lot of pain and was constantly tired.
we left bailey with your great grandmother… got home and the next morning got a phone call… it seemed your great grandmothers foot hurt, and she didnt want to keep bailey.
we had to drive 3 hours into Georgia to meet her in some hole in the wall town and pick up bailey…

it was fine i figured, if you were born im sure someone would take bailey.
and that was true… as soon as we went to the hospital melissas mom took bailey home with her…
the plan was she was taking bailey¬† to her aunt cindys house… cindy would watch her through the night then your grandmother would take her to your aunt michelles house in rock hill….

then 4:00 came along.
you had been born a grand total of 15 hours.?
i had spent about 1 hour with you.
then your grandmother called.
she had picked up bailey from cindys house… but then her neck started hurting. and she thought it would be dangerous for her to drive to rock hill with a stiff neck.
the options were… she would either drive bailey back to us… or i would have to pick up bailey from her and drive bailey to rock hill.

there was no way bailey could stay with us… so i had no choice.
your grandmother told me rock hill was about an hour and a half away… so i figured it wouldnt be to bad.,.. i would be back with you before i knew it.
it took an hour to get to your grandmothers house.
she gave me some pitiful excuse for an apoplogy…
it went something like this:
“i hate to do this george, but…,you know, these things happen.”

3 hours later i was in rock hill.

i didnt get back to the hospital until 11:00pm.

well… i just went to sleep.the hospital was a blur… running erands, and keeping your mom happy was my number one concern. the doctors were worried that you werent eating enough, in three days you lost 5oz… so they decided to keep you in the hospital an extra day.

the morning that they sent you home, we packed you in the car and turned on a beatles album…

the first song you ever heard was ‘here comes the sun’

we rode around for awhile showing you off to some of the people i grew up with.
first you saw Mrs. Hill, she was a lody that lived next door to my grandparents for 30 years or so.
then you saw my grandfather.

you and papa

you and papa

i asked him what he thought of you and he said “he looks strong and healthy… which is good because soon hes going to have to find a job.”
the man has a strange sense of humor.
when we left my grandfather melissa got a call from her mother… aparently her sister had found lice on baileys head and they needed me to drive back to rock hill to pick her up.
i blew my fucking top… there was no way in hell these assholes would deprive me of the first day my son was born AND his frist day home.


i made some calls… no one could belive the audacity of these people… couldnt any of them handle one simple problem without me holding their hands?
apparently not.
after some bitching back and forth… and allot of whining… melissas sister decided she would rive bailey to your grandmothers house… then your grandmother would bring her to us.

when bailey arrived (about 8 hours later) here head was soaked in olive oil and covered in a plastic bag.
apparently melissas sister thought this would drown and suffocate the lice…
i guess it worked, because when we examined baileys head we didnt find a single lice.

thats right… bailey didnt even have lice.

which lead me to one simple conclusion…. melissas sister is fucking retarded.

this pretty much wraps us your first few days on earth…
this post has caused some disagreement between your mother and i, which is why its taken me awhile to write this.
your mother is upset because it seems like everyone has this opinion about her mother… people think she is shallow and self centered, weak indecisive, unreliable and bratty. you mother is upset because people have this opinon and they havent even met her yet…
its your grandmothers fault really… she did this to herself.
so your mother and i came up with a complrimise… i would make two seperate posts… one would be public, and one would be password protected.

you aree now reading the password protected one… the public one wont include all of the problems that we had with your grandmother…
melissa thinks this will save her the embarassment of being torn apart on the internet… she doesnt want to hurt your grandmothers feelings.

funny… no one seems to care about my feelings.