The last few weeks have gone by in a blur. No work and all play… i have been staying home most days: finishing random projects that should have been completed months ago.

Melissa decided that we needed a new roof… so we had a red tin roof installed. Then she thought our door needed to match the roof… so we painted the front door red… then we painted the roof of the out building to match the roof of the house.

Now our yard is completely color coordinated… which is good… I guess.

After that was done and I finally had the chance to sit down and rest, Melissa calmly explained to me that I was no longer a bachelor, and that a desk supported by phone books and bibles with two computers, a TV, and 6 video game consoles stacked on top of it just wasn’t going to fly anymore.
So I went out and got enough stuff to build two desks, two bookcases, and an end table.
I fashioned myself a nice L shaped desk with a bookcase holding 9 video game consoles and a TV, three sets of drawers, and a glass stand for my laptop.
I wired the TV to a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Genesis, Dreamcast, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, IntelliVision, and a Playstation 2.
I built Melissa a smaller desk for her laptop and …um… bill paying supplies, a bookcase and side table.
Now our office area looks new modern and fresh…. except for one thing: My Computer.
Sitting on top of all this new modern furniture is a half open PC and a huge beige CRT monitor. I went and bought a new HP, and a 22 inch flat screen monitor, then I moved the old computer into the top of a closet… networked everything together and used it as a file server.
Once I got everything merged to the file server I set up each computer to back up its files via Microsoft Synctoy. Then I set up a Beta account with Utorrent:falcon. This allows me to add and maintain torrents via a website on my laptop or iPhone, or I can use its built in HTTP server to access utorrent remotely while I am on my home network.
all of this came in very handy… in total we had 4tb of network storage.
Once I realized how much of a pain in the ass it is to climb into the closet every time I needed to change something on the server, I realized I needed a remote access tool.
I installed tightVnc. This allows me to log in from any computer or the iPhone and have access to my servers desktop. I can do anything from tightVnc like I would if I were sitting in front of the server.
Since tightVnc is lacking in the security department I updated my router to a wireless N+ with a different type of firmware and a hardware firewall. The firewall allows me to specify certain mac addresses, and only allow those address to connect to the network. That coupled with several other authentication measures makes the network rather secure.

With all this complete I decided it was time to give some attention to my family. I got an iPod Dock for Jason’s iPod… it is setup to sync a library filled with RockaBye Baby tunes as well as some Baby Genius stuff. Then attached a webcam to his crib, allowing my family in Florida to check in on them whenever they want… to save me some time setting up a cam viewer on my site I set up an account with ustream and linked that to a page on my site. The upside to using ustream is that you can record the cam when it is live and save those recordings as shows so that people can watch them when the cam is offline.

After doing all of that I turned my attention to my car.
I replaced a bunch of heather hoses, pcv valve, rerouted some exhaust gas tubing… generally just fixed random things. I finally fixed the door on the truck, the brakes on Melissa’s car, and the Vacuum modulator on the Comet.

All in all I feel like I have gotten a few things done over the last couple of weeks. Its been awhile since I have felt like I have accomplished something.