her= sorry i dont have any pics up yet, but i’d love to chat sometime

me= sure… id love to chat
you do know however that ****** warns people about users who have no photos “No picture found. Be suspicious.” :P
also when there is no picture people tend to assume the worst…
i dont however… because it really makes no diffrence to me.

her= You can see pics of me on myspace
the only pics of me on there are from my wedding and thats why i felt they would be inappropriate for a dating site. my profile is private so you’ll have to send a friend request. i log in everyday so i’ll be sure to approve you.

me= so i have to ask… why is a gorgeous married woman on *****?

her= I left my husband 2 months ago because he’s…alot of things. Made a rash decision to marry him. Biggest mistake of my life. I want to meet someone who can treat me right.

her= I actually live in Lavonia right now. I only lived in Easley while I was with my husband. I am between jobs right now, when I left Easley it made the commute impossible. I hated to give up the damn good money though. I was a sales manager for the biggest Aaron’s store in the entire company. Very demanding. I interviewed last week at a title loan company in toccoa. I should be hearing from them monday.
So you left out the part about the other place you worked..whats up with that? Come on you can tell me. And what do you do for a living now? I take it you travel sometimes.
Anyway I hope I can catch you online sometime so we can chat. i’d like to learn more about you.

me= well… i managed the strip club in lavonia for about a year. after that i worked at dads… then did some webdesign work for a church here in anderson.
now i work as a meter tech for duke energy. i do have to travel sometimes… but not often.
from what i have seen… it looks hard to find good work in lavonia, i hope everything works out for you.
by the way..
my messenger names are
yahoo= *******
aim= ********
feel free to message me anytime :)

her= Hey whats up? I’m about to go to bed just thought I would drop by and tell you good night. Can’t wait to see you Tuesday.
talk to you later.

ok this sucks really bad but I have really tried to go to sleep and its not working. i hope you are resting well. my mom wants me to go look at a house for us tomorrow. the ad sounds pretty good. so i’ll go check it out. i’ll be stuck taking a long ass nap in the morning after i take bailey to daycare. tonight bailey dumped ALOT of water on the floor while she was in the bathtub,, i had to get the steam cleaner out to clean up all the water. Maybe i shouldn’t let her have cups in the bath tub anymore. That was probably the most excting thing that went on around here today. I’ll probably play some more movie trivia things on myspace and head back to bed. my stomach is growling, so I am going to go fix me a sandwich or something. I am really looking forward to you coming to see me tuesday. we’ll find something to do i’m sure. maybe give you the grand tour of lavonia ha ha. i can’t believe i wasnt able to go to sleep, alot on my mind i guess. having trouble shutting my mind off. anyway i hope to talk to you tomorrow night sometime.

I am finally awake from my nap and its almost 3 in the afternoon. kinda fun to think about what i was doing 12 hours ago. i hope you got enough sleep last night. i also hope you are having a good day at work. All the weeds and the grass in the front yard was magically cut when i woke up a few mintutes ago. I’m confused. I didnt hear the dog barking or a lawn mower, and I KNOW it wasnt like that when i got home this morning. Maybe it was the landscaping fairy. Or I bet my mom hired someone to come do it since our weedeater is messed up. If she would’ve told me someone was coming by I would’ve brought the dog in. Oh well its done now. That was really sweet of you to call and make sure I didn’t get lost. I had a lot of things going through my mind on the drive home. Good things so don’t worry. Well I guess I need to get off my ass and do something. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you this: last night I left Bailey alone in the bath tub, and this time, instead of dumping water out of the tub, she dragged by laundry basket into the water. I walked in there and clolthes were soaking wet and a half empty basket floating in the tub. I luaghed my ass off, but if she had been older, she would’ve been in SOOOOO much trouble. Pretty funny. Well I’m gonna hop off here. I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow night. Let me know when you get home and me and Bailey will come see you…

and the rest is history.