always write what you feel… when you feel it.
You can’t go back to that feeling later. You cant revisit the pain, or joy in any kind of true way. So if something is bothering you, or if something makes you happy… take a moment and write about it, so that later you may remember exactly how you felt.


Three years ago your mother and I started dating.
Three years today.
And today is the day I have lost all faith in us ever having a… anything.
Today is the second day, in three days that your mother has lied to me.

The day before yesterday she left at 8pm…. said she was going to a restaurant/bar. Came home at 3am. She said she stayed there the whole time… but the place closed at 11.
God knows where she was.
Yesterday was mothers day, I let your mother sleep in all day. She rested. At night i gave her a bubble bath in a tub full of rose petals. a long slow massage… She was a princess for a day.
Today she got off work at 9:30… told me she was staying late. A friend of mine caught her driving down liberty highway.

She said she was driving around looking at apartments… but that isnt true. She was seeing a man.

So i gave up on her. I can’t trust her… how can a relationship be repaired with someone who would do those things to you?

Jason, never settle for someone who is not faithful. Never settle for a liar.

Don’t get the wrong idea. These past three years haven’t been all bad. These have been some of the best days of my life. Your mother taught me how to love. She repaired my broken heart. She made me feel like there was a woman out there that i could love.

But then she ripped my heart apart.
She destroyed me.
She took everything i had, money, property, she used me and then tossed me aside.

Your mother was married to a man named Barry when you were born, and because of state law I have no parental rights over you.
South Carolina law states that her husband is automatically assumed to be your father, and we have to sign paperwork for me to be able to gain parental rights.I have been trying to get her to sign these papers since the day you were born. Unless your mother goes with me in the morning to sign those papers I will be taking her to court to fight for parental rights. Then we figure out custody.

God i hope everything works out ok.


94,670,778 seconds may not sound like a lot. But each of those seconds made me into the man i am today.

Every second counts kid.

94 670 777.9